Immedica Pharma

Impilo has launched Immedica Pharma – a pan-European specialty pharma commercialization and distribution platform. Immedica’s plan is to quickly establish a fast-growing EUR 100m+ leading pan-European niche specialty pharma portfolio composed of partner products as well as proprietary products rights – and spanning from pre-approval stage through peak sales. This will be achieved through world-class launch, commercialization, and distribution capabilities lead by a management team with a very strong and established track record within niche specialty pharma.

Immedica was formed through the combination of an existing platform, recruitment of new management and key employees. Immedica will be built on the initial acquisition of Medical Need Europe – a rapidly growing, Northern Europe focused, launch- and commercial distribution partner for rare disease therapies and orphan drugs.

Immedica is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Responsible partner:Magnus Edlund

Impilo board members:Fredrik Strömholm (Chairman)
Magnus Edlund


Sales:SEK +250m

CEO:Anders Edvell

Acquisition date:May 2018