NutraQ AS is a Norwegian company offering nutritional supplements, medical devices and skin care products directly to consumers through subscription solutions. The company offers its products across the Nordic markets and in the Czech Republic.

The demographic trend of ageing populations, increasing health awareness and the trend of self-medication create a favourable market backdrop for the company.

NutraQ AS was established in 2017 through the merger of several entities controlled by Sana Pharma Group. The origin of NutraQ dates back to 2002 when the first product VitaePro was launched, which today remains the company’s most sold product.

NutraQ is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and employs c.135 people.

Responsible partner:Fredrik Strömholm

Impilo Board Members:Fredrik Strömholm
Magnus Edlund

Industry:Nutritional supplements

2016 turnover:NOK 472m

No. of employees:c.135

CEO:Gustaf Solerød Christensen

Acquisition Date:December 2017