About Impilo

Impilo is a Nordic-based, investment company focussed on investments in the healthcare and health related sector. We invest in a healthy future. This bold statement helps us remain focused on bringing new perspectives to complement our portfolio companies’ business aspirations. It also provides guidance in our vision to influence the general state of healthcare by promoting better quality, seek favourable treatment outcomes, increased productivity and improved preventative care to reduce or postpone the need for hospital care. Consequently, our philosophy encompasses both economic and social development.


We are an investment company with an approach based on the premise that we must invest and drive development so as to produce a lasting, positive effect on the future of our investee companies, society at large and ourselves. A premise that also benefits our investment success, since it forces us to understand each business even better and thus reduce risks, and thereby develop our ability to act as progressive owners. We invest in people’s opportunities to enjoy healthier lives in the future.


We believe in the importance of an open and long-term approach. When we invest, we do so with respect for the company’s culture and the individuals who work there. Our approach is based on extensive experience of how to successfully build strong companies that enjoy long-term positive development.

How we select portfolio companies

Our strategy is to invest in companies with great potential for long-term, profitable growth. Companies to which we can offer knowledge, capital and new perspectives and thus create the momentum to implement change and achieve ambitious goals. The companies in which we invest must fulfil at least one of the following criteria in the model here next to:

In concrete terms, we look for the following types of investments:

Impilo’s ownership model

Based on our extensive sector experience, we have developed a process for how we enter into partnerships with our portfolio companies. We call it Impilo’s ownership model. 

Interactive initial
Ongoing boardwork
with annual cycle:

Key features of boardwork:
5-6 directors, of which 3-4 industrial advisors
6 board meetings p.a (plus performance calls)
Monthly ”triumvirate” meeting (CEO, chairman, lead Impilo person)
Annual review of board work


We are specialised in the health care sector. Naturally, this entails the additional responsibility of helping develop the sector – to the benefit of both our companies and society in general. We believe that our openness and the responsibility we assume for the communities in which we operate will ensure our long-term success. As an investment company, our long-term approach is one of our defining characteristics. Impilo has an innovative and flexible structure that promotes long-term growth and value creation, both organic and via acquisitions. We do not believe in selling a thriving company simply because we must.

We are a responsible partner to the companies in which we invest. A partner that places demands on the companies being governed, organised and developed in the right manner. Moreover, we can act as a strong support when things do not go according to plan, which – as we know from experience – does happen. In order to truly undertake the journey together, the Impilo team makes a significant contribution to the investment capital.

Our investors

Our investors are among the most sophisticated institutional investors and investment managers in the world. They are global in their investments and see great potential in Nordic companies and the Nordic healthcare market. Their collaboration with Impilo is based on our extensive experience of the Nordic healthcare market and our ability to develop companies over a sustained period. Many of our investors manage wealth accumulated by successful entrepreneurs, which is an additional advantage for Impilo as they know what it takes to develop a company over time.

Split of investor base by type and geography

Our investor base

We are supported by strong Nordic and international investors of different types; they share our perspective on long term investments for a healthy future and many of them represent successful entreprenurs.

Origin of our investors

Our investors originate mainly from the Nordic countries and the US. Investors that see great potential in the Nordic healthcare market.