We Stand With Ukraine

We are deeply saddened and concerned by the events unfolding in Ukraine and we would like to express our deepest solidarity with all of those who are affected by it. The Russian invasion is illegal and unjustifiable and we strongly condemn Russia’s actions.


Impilo does not have any investments in Russia or Belarus, nor any Russian or Belarusian investors. We have asked our portfolio companies to stop any business activity in Russia or Belarus and business dealings with Russian or Belarusian companies. Impilo is extending its charity program to support the people of Ukraine by providing a financial contribution in this humanitarian crisis and we are also working closely with our portfolio companies to find ways to provide further support to the people of Ukraine.


“It is very tragic to see what is happening in Ukraine following Russia’s unlawful invasion and I urge all political and business leaders to take all necessary decisions and actions to bring a stop to this war”, said Fredrik Strömholm, managing partner at Impilo.


“My heart is breaking for the many lost lives and wrecked destinies of Ukrainian people, that are being attacked by Russia just because they wanted to decide freely upon their future. I ask everyone to keep pressure on Russia – not only governments, but also businesses can help end this war by terminating all business dealings with them.” said Svitlana Babak, Ukrainian citizen and director at Impilo.


In these difficult times our thoughts go out to the people of Ukraine.


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