Cavidi is a diagnostic company developing assays and an automated instrument for HIV viral load monitoring. The Ziva™ system, targeting district hospitals and regional laboratories (the mid-marketsegment) in the African market, is built on the company’s longstanding chemistry solution used in its manual testing product.

Cavidi’s technology offers unique features; the assay can detect all subtypes of HIV where the other diagnostics technologies only detect the major subgroups.

The Ziva™ system is a fully automated benchtop product with higher throughput and less hands-on time than other solutions in the mid-market segment, making it uniquely tailored for the needs of these labs.

In February 2020, Impilo reached an agreement with the majority shareholder of Cavidi, resulting in a sale of all instruments by Impilo against a proceeds split in the future. At the time of the agreement, Impilo had a 34% ownership in the company.

Key events under Impilo ownership 2018-2020:

- Improved governance model and financial and operational reporting
- Strengthened leadership with new CEO, CFO and R&D manager, as well as recruitment of key development project resources
- Strengthened project management setup and significant progress in the Ziva development project
- Progress in distributor search in preparation for commercialization

Responsible partner:Veronica Byfield Sköld

Impilo board members:Veronica Byfield Sköld
Fredrik Strömholm


Revenue 2019:n.m. (development phase)

No. of employees:c. 40 FTE (o/w 18 consultants)

CEO:Rain Eriksoo

Impilo holding period:February 2018-February 2020