Ferrosan - Refocussing and growth

In 2005, Ferrosan was an international consumer health and medical device group with 3 SBUs and 570 FTEs, based outside Copenhagen, Denmark. The new board then set out a new direction to refocus the Consumer Health activities on a few, larger markets and core brands, and rationalizing the SKU-portfolio within to drive operational efficiency. Operating margins within Consumer Health expanded by 10-% points between 2005 and 2011, when Pfizer acquired the business. During this period the Medical Device unit succesfully developed a second generation  of products to drive growth and take market share.

Board members:Sören Mellstig (director
and chairman of
Consumer Health)
Fredrik Strömholm
(lead partner while
at Altor
Equity Partners)
Hans-Christian Bödker
Jensen (deputy director)

Industry:Consumer health
and medical devices

2011 turnover:DKK 1.3 bn

No. of employees :c.570 FTEs 2011

CEO (until 2011):Ola Erici