Humana is a Nordic care company with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. The company is a market leader in individual and family care and personal assistance, with expanding operations in elderly care. Humana has 15,000 employees who all work with a shared vision – Everyone is entitled to a good life.

The company had annual revenue of SEK 7,467m in 2019. Humana is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Humana’s objective: To be the given choice for care services for clients and purchasers with high quality demands.

Humana’s values: Commitment, Happiness and Responsibility

The company’s strategy is grounded in its core values, and sustainability is incorporated in the strategy and is built around four strategic target areas:

- Quality operations
- Attractive employer
- Long-term, sustainable growth
- Socially responsible provider

Responsible partner:Fredrik Strömholm

Impilo board members:Fredrik Strömholm

Industry:Care services

Revenue 2019:SEK 7,467m

No. of employees:c. 10,000 FTE

CEO:Rasmus Nerman

Acquisition date:January 2019