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Lowenco develops, manufactures, markets, and installs large scale modular and highly energy efficient ultra-low temperature (“ULT”) storage solutions for commercial biopharma primarily targeting the drug substance market.

Lowenco was founded 2013 in Vamdrup, Denmark, and following an initial period of product refinement and establishment of go-to-market activities, Lowenco has over the past three years gained significant commercial traction and is today a preferred supplier of sustainable large scale modular ULT storage solutions to several of the largest biotech and pharmaceuticals companies across the globe.


Lowenco is well positioned to continue addressing the increasing demand for large scale ULT storage solutions, underpinned by the strong underlying growth in biopharma volumes, leveraging its unique customer value proposition that is centred around superior quality, performance and service, leading energy efficiency, and significantly lower cost of ownership.


Impilo, as new majority owner, will support Lowenco in further expanding and penetrating its global customer base, and strengthen its position as a world leader in delivering innovative and sustainable ULT storage solutions.

Responsible Partner:

Magnus Edlund

Impilo Board Member:

Magnus Edlund

Revenue 2020:

DKK 161m

No of employees:

c. 50. FTEs


Mikael Hoier

Acquisition Date:

February 2022