NutraQ’s mission is to help people to a better everyday life through well-documented consumer health products.

The Group is engaged in direct-to-consumer development and sales of consumer health products across the Nordic countries, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. The largest brands are VitaePro (nutritional supplements) and Oslo Skin Lab (cosmeceuticals).

NutraQ has a leading direct-to-consumer position in the Nordics with c. 300k subscriptions, and an emerging position in rest of Northern Europe.

NutraQ is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and employs c. 145 employees.

Responsible partner:Magnus Edlund

Impilo Board Members:Magnus Edlund
Fredrik Strömholm

Industry:Nutritional supplements

Revenue 2019:NOK 623m

No. of employees:c. 145 FTE

CEO:Gustaf Solerød Christensen

Acquisition Date:December 2017