Investing in a healthy future

Impilo is an investment company focused solely on investments in Nordic companies operating in the pharmaceutical, medical technology, healthcare services and other health-related industries. Our starting point is that our portfolio companies must contribute to a positive and sustainable development of the communities and markets in which they operate in order to remain successful in the long term. This is a conviction that is embedded in our investment strategy since it necessitates a deeper understanding and reduces risks. In this way, Impilo invests in people’s opportunities to enjoy healthier lives in the future.
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Redefining success

Our responsibility for the sustainable governance and development of our companies begins with humbleness in the face of the knowledge and understanding we have of the society in which we operate. This is a responsibility that we strive to fulfil every day through investments that directly and indirectly help people achieve better health and healthcare and thereby positive social development.

Healthcare quality*

On average, 77.4 % of residents in the nordic countries are satisfied with their health care quality.


Feeling active and productive*

Three out of every five agree with the statement that they are feeling active and productive.


Overall life satisfaction*

The overall life satisfaction index reached 7.4 for the Nordic Countries, earning a place as one of the world’s leading regions.

* 2015 U.N, Human Development Report

Meet our team

Our employees and close industrial advisors are our most important assets. We seek to build on the collective competencies and capabilities of our team members, thereby creating a workplace where the team is more important than the individual.
With a Nordic base

Our location gives us a good understanding of the Nordic healthcare market. An understanding that attracts investors from all over the world, which enables export successes in a global market.

Impilo has closed its second investment pool

Impilo AB, the Nordic investment company focused on healthcare investments, has secured new commitments from new and existing investors of SEK 6bn (EUR 590m) and significantly exceeding its target amo…


We know that our operations arouse curiosity and we understand the importance of maintaining an open relationship with the outside world. Here you will find press information, news and media material….

Redefining wealth

We redefine the conditions for people’s opportunities to enjoy healthier lives in the future.