Responsible Investments and Ownership

Impilo and ESG

Impilo’s mission is to produce superior returns by investing in and building sustainable and leading healthcare businesses with a long-term perspective. A key to achieving this includes working actively with Environmental, Social/Human Capital, and Governance (ESG) issues throughout the investment process and ownership cycle.

It is our conviction that doing so will not only contribute to greater long-term value creation and decrease investment risk, but also contribute to a more sustainable healthcare system and the development of the communities where we and our portfolio companies operate.

In addition to ensuring our portfolio companies and prospective investment targets at the core of their business have the potential to contribute to solving some of the critical challenges facing the healthcare system, we also have an ambition to integrate ESG efforts in the daily work of Impilo and our portfolio companies:


We aim at minimizing the negative impact of our business on the environment.


We commit to ensuring the highest possible quality of the products and services offered, by respecting the integrity and rights of third parties (incl. workers, customers and patients), and following relevant laws.


We commit to conducting business according to sound business principles and to proactively mitigate potential risks.​

A shared responsibility

The formal responsibility of ensuring we do indeed invest responsibly lies with the firm’s leadership, but it is our firm belief that every member of the Impilo team is accountable for putting ambitions and policies into practice. And this goes also for the extended Impilo network, including our portfolio companies. We aim at providing sufficient support and tools both to the investment team and to our portfolio company teams to enable them to constantly raise the bar when it comes to sustainability, and we ensure ESG matters are on the Board’s agenda in the intersection between the two. Step by step we thereby jointly lay the foundation for more responsible investments and ownership.

For more information about Impilo’s approach to responsible investments and ownership, and current status within Impilo and our portfolio companies, please see the Impilo Sustainability Report 2022

Lwala Community Alliance: Engaging in improving health on the ground

In September 2019, we announced Impilo’s partnership with Lwala Community Alliance. Lwala is a Kenyan non-profit organisation that works towards better health for mothers and children in rural Kenya.

“ We are very pleased to have Impilo with us on this journey, contributing not only financially but also with strategic advice from a business perspective. This will be very helpful in our scale-up process”

Julius Mbeya, Managing Director of Lwala

This is Lwala community alliance

The organization was started in 2007 by two Kenyan brothers, Milton and Fred Ochieng, who grew up in rural Kenya and studied to become medical doctors in the USA. Lwala recruits, trains and reimburses Community Health Workers who are often former traditional birth attendants. These digitally empowered Community Health Workers identify pregnant women as they proactively visit homes, and link mothers to the formal health system and support safe delivery at a health facility. They track the health of every newborn and ensure on-time immunizations. Lwala also works with community members and government to ensure local clinics have the resources, training, and systems to provide quality care.

Based on Lwala’s evidence of impact with 60,000 people – including a 64 % reduction in child deaths, a 73 % reduction in infant deaths, and a 97 % immunization rate (compared to 57 % in the rest of the county) – the local Ministry of Health has invited Lwala to expand their model to 1 million people in Migori County. Over the coming three years Impilo will provide support in the form of both funding and strategic advice to the Lwala team, to help the team broaden their reach in the region.

“ Together they will address the top sustainable development goals for health – maternal mortality and deaths of newborns and children under 5 years.”

Lwala Community Alliance proof of concept