Cavidi at a glance

Cavidi is a company developing assays and an automated instrument for HIV viral load monitoring. The Ziva™ system, targeting district hospitals and regional laboratories (the mid-market segment) in the African market, is built on the comany’s long-standing chemistry solution used in its manual testing product

Cavidi facts



Impilo entry date

February 2018

Impilo exit date



Uppsala, Sweden

Impilo team

Fredrik Strömholm
Martin Fagerlund


Acquired by the original founders

Investment thesis

  • Large unmet market need for suitable technology for viral load (VL) monitoring in the mid-segment in Africa; a segment currently not the focus of Cavidi’s competitors and that the Ziva™ solution is tailored for
  • Big and rapidly growing market; The African HIV viral load market in Africa is c. USD 130m and growing 15%+
  • Global funding expected to drive adoption of VL technology; a priority for WHO/other global organizations

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