Ferrosan Medical Devices

Ferrosan Medical Devices at a glance

Ferrosan Medical Devices (“FeMD”) manufactures and develops innovative hemostatic products used by healthcare professionals all over the world during surgeries whenever there is a need to effectively control and stop bleedings. The products are sold in approximately 100 countries and are used in over 13 million surgeries yearly. FeMD invests significantly in innovation and and has an exciting pipeline of new product developments




Impilo entry date

June 2017

Impilo exit date

December 2022


Søborg, Denmark

Impilo team

Fredrik Strömholm
Nicholas Hooge
Fredrik Odin


Consortium of Danish long-term investors, led by Kirk Kapital

Investment thesis

  • Potential to maximise the existing portfolio in the US and EU
  • Potential to further increase focus on product development and broaden product portfolio by meeting validated user needs such as increased user effectiveness, achieve a higher price point per procedure and take market share
  • Geographical expansion in China and Japan and other large markets
  • Further secure robustness in the supply chain and implement lean processes

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