Humana at a glance

Humana is a leading Nordic care company that offers individual and family care services, personal assistance, as well as elderly care and housing with special service for individuals with functional impairments. In Sweden, Humana is the market leader in individual and family care and personal assistance. In Norway and in Finland, Humana is the second largest provider of individual and family care services. In Denmark, Humana has a smaller care operation. Humana has +10,000 customers which are cared for by +20,000 employees who all work with a shared vision – “Everyone is entitled to a good life”. Humana is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and is headquartered in Stockholm.

Humana facts


Healthcare & Related Services

Impilo entry date

January 2019


Stockholm, Sweden

Management team

Johanna Rastad (CEO)
Fredrik Larsson (CFO)

Impilo team

Fredrik Strömholm
Carolina Oscarius Dahl
Gustav J. Lundgren
Matilda Hessedahl

No of employees


Revenue development, SEKm


EBITDA development, SEKm


Investment thesis

  • The Nordic care markets are large and highly fragmented, with solid underlying growth dynamics
  • Continued organic growth through opening of new units within Individual & Family and Elderly Care segments
  • Leverage strong track record of delivering strong acquisitive growth across all segments and Nordic countries
  • Opportunity to invest in accretive add-on acquisitions over time
  • Strong cash flow generation

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