Mallax Pharmaceuticals

Mallax Pharmaceuticals at a glance

Mallax was established in Q4 2020 by Impilo with an ambition to build a large and well-diversified platform of established pharmaceuticals and OTC products, with a wide size range for any individual deal between EUR 10m and EUR 300m. Mallax’s first acquisition, Sana Pharma Medical AS (“SPM”), was signed and closed in June 2021.

Mallax facts



Impilo entry date

December 2020

Impilo exit date

August 2023


Oslo, Norway

Impilo team

Magnus Edlund
Victor Steien
Edvard Hubendick


Acquired by the original founders

Investment thesis

  • Build a well-diversified pan-European platform of established pharmaceuticals and OTC products through active business development
  • Underlying markets characterized by stable growth, low cyclicality,and high deal flow
  • Five-year ambition to invest c. SEK 1bn of equity in acquisitions, in-licensing and partnership agreements
  • Mallax will have a positive health and ESG-impact taking all aspectsof the supply chain into consideration

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